Terminals maps Newark Airport

Every international airport has several terminals. Newark Liberty International Airport is not an exclusion. There are three terminals operated by the airport management. It’s a standard number where one of it is usually used for arriving from international flights, another one is for international departures, and the last one for domestic transfers.

We have information that Terminal A includes 39 gates, Terminal B includes 28 gates, and Terminal C features 69 gates. Various airlines can work from different gates. So, you have to check your ticket to be sure that you will reach the right terminal.

Features of the Terminals Newark airport

From Terminal A we can reach all gates within three-four minutes. From two to four minutes are required to reach all gates of Terminal B. We can walk to gates 70-74 in 1-3 minutes, gates 75-123 in 4-7 minutes, and gates 125-139 in 7-10 minutes. We have no extra information about why the 124th gate wasn’t mentioned on the airport’s site. All Terminals have several levels that allow them to separate people’s flows by needs. Average waiting time if you want to pass the customs officer is from eight minutes for US passports, permanent residents, and ESTAs who return to eleven minutes for visitors with visas and people who are first-time ESTA. The waiting time can be increased if something goes wrong. We have several doors from terminals where taxis are ready to bring you to the hotel you want.

What services we should use in terminals EWR

We can use various services or relax in various cafeterias waiting for our friends or preparing for a flight. Anyway, this process starts with deciding where you are going to travel and picking a hotel with airplane tickets. Of course, you can do it apart. So, any person is able to purchase a ticket online or from a cashier in the airport.

When you are arriving at any terminal you have to be sure that your airplane will fly from here. The next step is proceeding with check-in. Depending on how quick the line goes it can take half an hour because managers check baggage weight and documents, so people don’t mess with the day of departure and time.

If everything is right, you can proceed to the security check. It usually takes ten minutes or so, because they check you and your baggage for prohibited items. After finishing with them, you can reach a huge lobby with gates where people chilling waiting for a departure. There are plenty of cafeterias, duty-free stores, restaurants, magazine stores, various services, and free restrooms.

The management supports various volunteer organizations to help all people with disabilities feel comfortable and secure. We can check our flight status on the various monitors and be ready for voice calls to proceed to the gate.