Newark Liberty International Airport has an interactive and common digital map. We can find all of them online to be at the right time in the right place.

Map’s features and places

We can find a lot of useful places, using the map online. There are three airport terminals mentioned. So, it will be easy to coordinate for us. We know about various gates and how we should reach them. If we are coming we can find bus stops, baggage claim areas, and ticket offices. The train stations go through the gateways. So, this is a comfortable possibility to move without traffic jams. If you want to drive by yourself, you can use one of the rental car services. There are plenty of options for any type of vehicle.

Upcoming drivers can find various parking lots that are placed around the terminals. You can leave your car in a short-term or long-term parking lot. The price varies depending on the number of days.

Terminals’ maps

There are three maps of A, B, and C terminals. We may note various services mentioned. It’s possible to spend time in the lounge zones of airlines. We can wait for quick delivery via AirTran. There are ATMs to get our cash. Each terminal includes several places to claim our baggage. Outside of terminals, bus stops are located. We can exchange our currencies quickly. From one level to another we can go via elevators, escalators, and stairs. Also, we have parking lots available. If we need it, there are restrooms available. We have some customs officers in the US migration office. We can use the shuttle to move quickly between terminals. Nursing Suites are available.

The airport administration focuses on providing us with all kinds of services that are available within walking distance. It’s important because when you visit a new airport, it’s hard to find the right place to chill, eat, or purchase something. With a map on your smartphone, it’s not a big deal. You can easily find the right way without requiring help from the support deck.

Anyway, there’s no mention of where we can find support, volunteers, the Red Cross, and other help-oriented services.