Parking Newark airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is a huge complex that is featured by three terminals under airport management. The most important part of managing upcoming cars is a parking lot. You can drive your car and bring everything you need instead of using a taxi. It’s typical to leave a car in a parking lot if you have round-trip tickets. So, you will be able to drive home in your car.

Parking Map Lot Features

There are various parking lots connected to the different terminals. We have daily parking lots: P1, P2, and P3. There’s a sober cell phone parking lot available where we can pay by card. Terminal

A has various parking possibilities:

Shuttle Bus that works between three terminals.

And short-term parking.

Terminals B and C have the same parking coverage. People with disabilities can also enjoy parking at the airport. Terminal C has daily parking coverage nearby. There’s a parking lot that was placed outside of the main airport buildings that provide long-term parking. When the other lots allow you to keep your car secured and parked for several hours or even days, the long-term parking is good to go for the range of months. So, its price will be more affordable.

The average price range for parking starts from $3.35. Long-term parking has several options:

  • The economy lot is available for $21 a day. After this, we can pay $8 every 8-hour period.
  • The daily lot can be bought for $38 a day.
  • The lot for a short-term period is good to go for $44 a day.
  • To get your parking lot secured you have to book two days in advance and it can be done online. So, it’s not a big deal to precook it online.

There are services like Vista Parking that provide all-day access to it at pretty affordable prices. They are placed outside the airport but it can be a good option if the others are overbooked. Also, they provide good security for your car. It’s important because you can try on it when you come back. So, you can drive with your family or relatives home without waiting for a taxi or public transport.