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Every airport has a big arrival zone. It’s the place where visitors proceed after their airplane is landed. Usually, it takes ten or twenty minutes to connect a jet with the airport hub. If not, they can be delivered via an airport bus. Disembarking passengers from an A380 can take half an hour or so because passengers have to pick up their baggage and go one after one. The arrival area includes several lines for American citizens and people from other countries. Of course, the first line goes quickly because the officer needs to check the passport in general. The second line moves much slower because it takes time for customs officers to check a visa and other documents. This procedure requires up to five minutes for every person. Sometimes, a visitor can be detained or even arrested. When everything is all right, you are allowed to enter the USA.

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After this, all passengers are waiting for baggage to be dropped on the conveyor according to the number of the airplane. Usually, if you pass a customs officer quickly, it takes up to twenty minutes for airport workers to send the baggage. You have to look if there is no damage to your bag.

Meeting friends. Stores. Services

There is a big lobby after each gate where you can meet with relatives, friends, and business partners who wait for your arrival. It has big monitors where they can check when you arrive. We can find over 100 places where we can eat, purchase goods, or receive services. They include various cafeterias, bars, and restaurants. It’s a great place to chill, eat some good meals, and drink some coffee after taking a long flight. There are also stores that can help you with clothes, shoes, mobile devices, repair services, beauty salons, and so on.

Every arrival gate includes information about the nearest hotels and taxi services. If you don’t do this in advance, you could pick the best place to stay and taxi service to transfer. An average waiting time to be picked up by a taxi varies from five to ten minutes. In addition, transfer time can be up to half an hour because of traffic jams.

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If you need any kind of help, there are various volunteers. The most know is the Red Cross which provides help with housing, food, water, mobile connection, baggage overlooking, moving of people with disabilities, etc. There’s a department of lost and found that provides storing lost items waiting for their owners.

There’s AirTrain and Shuttle Bus that provide quick transportation between terminals if you need to board another airplane. The service is free for all visitors and passengers. The waiting time is approximately ten-twenty minutes.