Taxi is a standardized option to drive from any airport. Newark Liberty International Airport is not an exclusion. There are infinity taxi services nearby that can be googled and called out within minutes. As practice tells us, you have to rely on getting a taxi from five to twenty-five minutes depending on the time of the day.

General information about taxi services at the airport

The airport authority decided to increase fees for getting access to the airport several years ago. This charge will be added to the bill automatically. They will proceed with the money to infrastructure projects and renewals. The amount of $1.25 will be added to the final price for passenger pick-ups. There are also locations in NYC where you can be extra charged during your trip.
In addition, they are going to charge from $5 to $10 for a Fuel Surcharge. We shouldn’t drive with solicitors around the airport because they can provide us with a proper level of safety.

Trip Fare Range
To MetLife Stadium $42 (for 2 or more passengers,
fares range from $21 to $24 per person)
Between Terminals, short term parking lots and bus stops $13
To all long-term parking $15
From Terminal A to Port Newark $18
To the City of Newark $15 – $18
To the City of Elizabeth $20 – $25
To Edison & Edison township $56
To Hackensack $59
To Hoboken $46
To Jersey City $46
To New Brunswick $59
To Teterboro $49
To Union City $52
To New York City/Manhattan
Battery – W 23rd St.
W 24th St. – W 58th St.
W 59th St. – W 96th St.
W 97th St. – W 185th St.
Above W 185th St.
To LaGuardia Airport $87
To JFK International Airport $85

What should be known to get the taxi right

  • You can use an Uber application to call a taxi. This probably will be the safest way to drive.
  • You may Google for a taxi service that you want.
  • The port authority suggests we not use unlicensed taxis.
  • We can tip a driver, but this is completely optional.
  • Any passenger will be extra charged $5 for traveling into New York State, except Staten Island during weekday rush hours.
  • It’s prohibited to charge extra money from passengers.
  • For every piece of baggage over 24 inches, a passenger will be extra charged.
  • If you’re over 62 years old, you can rely on a 10% discount. It requires you to provide a legal document that confirms your age.
  • $1.25 will be charged for a pick-up.
  • The official airport authority site includes typical fares and destinations to let us figure out local pricing easily.
  • The group rides have their own rates. So, check them before requesting a ride.
  • The airport has an office of a Taxi Commission where we can report overcharging and improper behavior.