Transport Newark Liberty Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport has a well-developed transportation system. It includes AirTrain, taxis, shuttles from hotels, and parking lots within and around the airport area. You can be 100% sure that you will be delivered quickly and safely. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.


AirTrain publick train

AirTrain is a service provided by Newark Liberty International Airport for free. The schedule was developed not to let passengers wait much time. It stopped in front of gates, parking lots, terminals, and areas where you can request a transfer from a hotel. If we want to use it on the outside airport route, we should pay $7.75.

Airport Express Bus

This kind of transport is available from 5 am to 1 am and it connects the airport with NYC. There are several lines: twenty-eight, thirty-seven, sixty-two, sixty-seven, and one hundred seven. We can check the online schedule on the airport’s site. The average price is $18 for a single trip and $30 for a round-trip.

It picks people on the first level of all terminals. Terminal A (bus stop 5), Terminal B (bus stop 2), and Terminal C (bus stops 5&6).


There are plenty of taxi services available. You can use Uber to pay with your card connected to the account. Passengers are able to call other services to pick the best one. Usually, a taxi goes within several minutes.

Hotel Transfer

If you book a room in an inn we are able to request a free transfer. Depending on the Hotel, this can take from ten minutes to half an hour. A ride to the hotel takes ten-twenty minutes. You can rely on help with your baggage. This service is also pretty welcome for disabled people.

Car rental

Everyone can rent a car and drive wherever they want without limitations. This option is great, especially for families where there’s plenty of baggage and they usually move together. In addition, there’s no waiting time or any delays. A lot of travelers prefer renting a car over using taxis consistently. Also, if you want to travel across the country, this will be the best possible option.