Every airport has various services on the board that should make you feel secure, well-fed, entertained, quickly delivered, and so on. Newark Liberty International Airport is not an exclusion. You can be sure that you receive everything you need to cover your and your family’s expectations.

Car, taxi, transfer, parking lot services

There are plenty of services that help you be on time in your place. Let’s talk about car renting. There are some companies settled within the airport. So, you have to pick up AirTran to be quickly delivered to your car. There’s a possibility to rent it online and proceed with a quick check-in. We have plenty of similar services within the area of several kilometers around the airport.
You can call for a taxi or just use the Uber application. Within several minutes you can get your car delivered. There are some extra fees for entering the airport and driving during rush hours in NYC.

If you book a room in an inn, you can request a transfer service. The average waiting time is from 10 to 20 minutes.

There are plenty of parking lots available. Some of them are short-term ones while the rest are for long-term parking.

Lounge services

Every big airline company can afford to manage lounge places in key airports. Newark Liberty International Airport is one of them. We can find various lounges that can cover you with relaxation, food, drinks, snacks, beverages, TV, Wi-Fi, conference centers, newspapers and magazines, baggage security, and so on. Usually, you must have an ID and a ticket on the same day flight.
Restaurants and cafeteria

We have plenty of restaurants and cafeterias within the airport. You can find Wendy’s, Drunkin’ Donuts, Duty-Free stores, Belgian Beer Cafe, Budweiser Brewhouse, six Starbucks cafeterias, places with Japanese, French, and Mexican cuisines, some pizzerias, etc.

Other and no profitable services

There is a book store and various little services. We can find plenty of charge stations, places to sit and relax, free restrooms lost and found, and the best support. There are volunteers that are ready to help the disabled, and people in need, Red Cross, free Wi-Fi within the airport, support decks, and so on. No one will be left without help