The airport authority launched a bus service for those people who need social transport. The main route goes from the airport to Manhattan in New York City. The bus is going across all terminals, picking people up, and then heading to New York City in Manhattan where three stops are located.

Details about a bus route and service

  • The bus service is provided by CoachUSA.
  • We can reach Grand Central Station with it.
  • It goes through Bryant Park and Time Square.
  • If we get off the bus, we can quickly reach the nearest subway station in NYC.
  • We can expect to get a bus from 5 am until 1 am every day.
  • It is possible to use it on a daily basis during the year. So, no major schedule changes or holidays.
  • We should take into account traffic to understand how quickly we reach the final destination.
  • From the airport side, we can be picked up at Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C.
  • From the NYC side, there are stops: 41st/Lexington avenue, 42nd street/5th avenue, and 41st street/8-9th avenue.

The price

  • The price for one trip is $18.
  • If we want a round-trip ticket it costs $30.
  • Kids before 5 years old can drive for free.
  • You have to pay $5 for kids from 5 to 11 y.o.
  • For students of 13-16 y.o. the price is $10.
  • Disabled people and seniors can pay only $8.50.
  • The military should pay $14.

As we can see, the bus can deliver us to Manhattan from the airport or to Newark Liberty International Airport from Manhattan within an hour or so. The driving time varies depending on the site traffic. The prices for single and round trips are affordable taking into account how much this can cost if you take a taxi, you will be charged an extra fee for going to New York City in rush hours. Also, the bus has no restrictions on the baggage size and weight. So, you shouldn’t pay more. You can be sure that there will be a subway station nearby in NYC and you keep going immediately. CoachUSA mentioned on its website that the prices can be changed if needed. Anyway, it was nice of them to decrease pricing for disabled people and the military.