Express Bus

The Newark Liberty International Airport Express Bus was deployed to deliver people from the airport to Manhattan, New York City. The passengers can reach a destination quickly, without huge delays. Anyway, there are always tragic jams around Manhattan.

Advantages of Express Bus

The route has some advantages listed below:

  • We can reach Manhattan directly without stopping.
  • The pricing policy is pretty affordable.
  • Buses have a tight schedule.
  • We are allowed to bring all our baggage.
  • Pets are allowed on the bus.
  • It goes directly from a terminal. So, no time to seek is needed.
  • The final stop in Manhattan is connected by bus, subway, and train.
  • There are three locations in Manhattan to board the bus.
  • The company uses only new buses with a proper level of security.
  • There are only professional drivers allowed to drive them.

Express Bus ewr airport

This ride is much more affordable than calling a taxi or using the AirTrain. This can be a good option for passengers who travel with many pieces of baggage or with pets.

You can sit near a window and look at the beautiful NYC downtown and surroundings.

Summing up, we’d like to note that Newark Liberty International Airport Express can be a good option for budget traveling with acceptable service quality.