Departures Mia airport

You purchased a ticket and wanted to fly away on a vacation or on a business trip. So, what’s next? Usually, passengers pick up a taxi an hour or so before check-in starts. After arriving at the proper terminal of the airport you have to find out where your airline assistants are located. Usually, there are several queues to the same airline company that vary by VIP status. If you stay in the general queue, it can take up to half an hour to check in and control your baggage’s weight. Then, you have to proceed with security checking. Passengers have to reveal and put all things in boxes and then go through a metal detector. After all of this, you leave the country passing through the customs officer. Now, you can enjoy your stay in a huge departure area with gate entrances.

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There’s a map of the stores, restaurants, cafeterias, and services for you to wait for your airplane. If you pass all control points quickly, you can spend several hours exploring this place. Usually, there are plenty of food points with different features available. Passengers can relax, eat, drink, and charge their electronic devices. It’s a zone of free Wi-Fi with good speed. It’s possible to call relatives or business partners. There are screens where you can monitor your flying status. Administrators inform passengers about when the boarding is started. In front of every gate, we can find many seats which are usually enough to comfort all waiting passengers. There are many free restrooms for your needs. As usual, we have plenty of duty-free stores with decreased prices. We would like to suggest you purchase water before boarding because you had to throw all bottles with liquids before passing the security check.

You can ask volunteers to help you if you have disabilities. Also, there is medical staff if someone got sick.

The airport provides info points where you can receive an answer to any question. You can ask any of the managers or volunteers to help you with reaching a proper destination.

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When you hear a call, it’s time to get your spot in the line. The airline representatives start checking documents and boarding tickets. It usually takes half a minute for a person. Quite often, the company uses from two to four managers. As soon as you get a confirmation, you can proceed to the airport bus that will deliver you to an airplane. Waiting on the bus can be half an hour long because they wait until it fills up. It delivers you to your airplane quickly then fly attendants help you to board and sit on the right seat, providing all possible instructions before the airplane lifts off.