The EWR Airport serves the New York metropolitan area alongside two other major airports. Together, they form a large coalition that is perhaps the greatest network of airports in the entire country.

The airport itself is also rather large, comprising of three large main terminals (labeled A, B, and C respectively), with each terminal being further subdivided into three subunits. In total, the airport houses over 120 gates.

On average, these gates and terminals are visited by 30-46 million visitors each year, with the year of 2020 being the sole exception thanks to the flight ban that was imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newark Airport flights

Newark Airport flights

Every year, the airport operates hundreds of thousands of flights, usually up to around a staggering half a million flights!

Most recently, in August of 2022 alone, nearly 40k flights operated from the Newark Airport. These 40k flights were operated by over sixty different airlines, traveling to locations at forty countries around the world, using well over 400 routes in total.

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Newark Airport destination

Domestic Newark flights

The airport serves as a hub for United Airlines, and this airline company operates all ten of the busiest domestic international routes. The first place on that list goes to Orlando, Florida, with over a million passengers taking the trip yearly from the EWR.

International Newark flights

United Airlines even operates nine of the ten busiest international routes, with the first place on that list being taken by London-Heathrow Airport, UK, with nearly a million passengers a year as well.

Airlines serving EWR airport

Other destinations on that list include:

  • Mumbai, India
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Newark Airport flights status

  • The Newark Airport flights statuses are actually very impressive:
  • 70.8% of flights are on time
  • 21.9% are late
  • 7.1% are cancelled
  • 0.2% are very late