Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines is a company that operates from Panama City, Panama. It stores and maintains airplanes in Tocumen International Airport. The firm was founded almost eighty years ago. It’s fleet includes eighty-two jets that operate on eighth-four routes. The company has over thirty five years of international flights experience. It support traveling to all Latin America countries.

Arrival Terminal

The company mostly manages their flights from Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport. From time to time, it uses other terminals from code-sharing flights.

Departures Terminal

We can preorder tickets from the company’s site, Google, resellers, or in the airport. The company can’t support a Lounge zone program within airports where it functions. So, you may wait your departure in the lobby or pay a full price to chill in other companies’ Lounge zones.

Fleet Information

Copa Airlines works with Boeing 737-700, 737-800, 737 MAX8, MAX9, MAX10, and 800BCF. So, the company has a well-balanced fleet to cover all your expectations. There’s a single Boeing 737 in modification of 800BCF to support cargo delivery.

– IATA Code: CM