La Compagnie

La Campagnie is an airline that provides luxury experience for traveling passengers. It was registered in Paris, France. The only hub airport is Orly, Paris. Its headquarters are located in Le Bourget. The company works only with Newark Liberty International Airport in the US. It was founded nine years ago, so it can be treated as a young flying company.

Arrival Terminal

The company operates with only Terminal B. It positions itself as a business class company, providing all proper services to improve people’s experience.

Departures Terminal

La Campagnie works with various destinations from Newark Liberty International Airport like Nice, France, Libreville, Gabon, Milan, Italy, and London, The United Kingdom.\

Information about jets

The company operates two Airbus A321neo airplanes which can carry up to seventy-six passengers. As we can see, the manage the schedule well, supporting five destinations with two jets at the same time. This show a good frequency and professionalism. La Campagnie mentions the jets in Orly Airport.