Emirates Airlines

Emirates is an airline company that was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was created almost forty years ago. The main airport to operate is Dubai International Airport. The company has on the largest fleet size on the Middle East with two hundred sixty-two jets under management that fly to one hundred fifty-two destinations.

Arrival Terminal

The company works from Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport among many other companies. After landing, you can request any services you want like a taxi, renting a car, transfer from a hotel, and so on.

Departures Terminal

It works from the same terminal for departures either. Emirates doesn’t manage its own Lounge zone. You can purchase tickets for different classes from economy to business.
Actual information about Emirates’ fleet

The company operates with a mix of Boeing and Airbus airplanes. There are two modifications of Airbus: A350-900 (fifty ordered) and one hundred ninety A380-800. Boeing airplanes are represented in ten 777-200LR, one hundred twenty-four 777-300ER, 777X, and 787-9.