Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is a worldwide flight operator that works from the Auckland airport. It was created eighty-two years ago. It manages over twenty destinations in the county and thrifty-two around the globe. Most of them are part of the Pacific country.

Arrival Terminal

The company operates in Terminal B of Newark Liberty International Airport. The current fleet includes over one hundred flights. It doesn’t operate in Europe. In America, there are flights from New Zealand to Canada and the United States.

Departures Terminal

It works from the same Terminal B in the airport. The company doesn’t have any Lounge zones there. So, we should check in and wait with other passengers.

Fleet details

There are over one hundred and three airplanes operated. They have twenty A320s, eleven A321s, seven Boeing 777, and fourteen Dreamliners. All of them are used for international roots and can be seen in Newark Liberty International Airport. All of them are well-mentioned aircraft with different levels of comfort and services.