Air Canada

Air Canada is the biggest company by passenger flow and flight fleet in Canada. It was founded in 1937, which is almost 100 years ago. Nowadays, we can use it to fly to over two hundred teeny two destinations. It works from all main Canadian airports. So, you can fly to Newark Liberty International Airport from Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec.

The company has several divisions that manage cargo delivery, jets, and low-cost airlines.

Arrival Terminal

Air Canada works from Terminal A of Newark Liberty International Airport. The company operates different flights in its fleet: Boeing 777, 787, 737, and Airbus A320, A321, A220-300, and A330. Mechanics and service engineers provide maintenance for all flights keeping their usage at a safe level.

The company uses the provided infrastructure to operate and manage flights.

Departures Terminal

Air Canada used the same terminal for departures. It provides Maple Leaf Lounge services for people who are going to depart on the same day. You can find it across Canada, the US, and Europe. There are services like soft and beverage drinks, food, snacks, pet carrying, free Wi-Fi, and so on.